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3 Pain Free Tips for Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags can be irritating and unattractive. Seldom are skin tags very harmful, but many sufferers believe visiting a dermatologist is necessary to have¬†them remove off the body. Typically, these growths develop in areas on the body where the skin can form a crease, such as the … [Read More...]

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Why Smoking Causes Wrinkles

If you have been meaning to quit smoking, here is one more reason to do so. Smoking can result in premature wrinkles and you definitely do not want to look old before your time. Are you skeptical about this claim? Here is what specialists at Mayo Clinic have to say. Smoking and Aging Process Aging is a natural process. It occurs with each passing day. However, if you … [Read More...]

Your Thyroid and How It Affects Your Weight

If your thyroid gland isn't functioning properly, it can trigger unexpected weight loss or weight gain accompanied by health problems that may require medical attention. Although it's one of the smallest glands in the human body, the thyroid gland and weight disorders play an important role in your health. What is the Thyroid Gland? Your thyroid gland is located in the … [Read More...]

5 Fast Fix it Solutions for Puffy Eyes

Are your friends and co-workers telling you you look tired? Hardly recognize yourself in the mirror with your big puffy eyes? Puffy eyes can be caused by a myriad of factors including sleep deprivation or long hours at the office.¬† If you've been waking up with puffy eyes and are tired of dealing with it, here are 5 easy solutions that could solve all your … [Read More...]