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5 Powerful Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

There is something incredibly unique about brown eyes. Even though more than 55% of the world’s population share this color, I can confidently say that no two brown eyes are the same. Brown eyes are earthy and magical, and they derive their power from its simplicity. When it comes to makeup tips for brown eyes, the good news is that because of its neutral tone, you can be as creative as you want with the color palette.

But that said, it is important to note that there are several different shades of brown. So when it comes to picking the right eye shadow color, it’s all about complementing the color with the shade of brown your specific eyes are. Below, you will discover 5 powerful makeup tips for brown eyes that when applied successfully is guaranteed to make your eyes look absolutely exotic and ethereal.

makeup for brown eyes

Tip#1: What shade of brown are you?

Brown eyes are very versatile. So before purchasing any eye shadow palate, the first thing you want to do is examine your eyes in the mirror. What intensity of brown are your eyes? Are they deep to dark brown, or medium honey brown? Dark brown eyes looks absolutely stunning with deep hues like plums, violets, greens, bronze, golds and even brown. Lighter brown eyes, on the other hand, looks exquisite in a lighter shade of all the colors mentioned above.

Tip#2: What’s your hair and skin color?

Now, because almost any color works well with brown eyes  what we need to make sure is that the colors also go with your hair and skin tone. Shades like purple with a blue tint looks absolutely magnificent on all skin tones and hair colors. The coldness of the blueish purple, creates a striking contrast with the warmth of the brown and make them stand out. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bone to make your eyes look bigger and to bring out the brilliance of the colors. Also, don’t forget to bring down that purple across your lower lash line. It will make the whites of your eyes appear even more brighter. Teal colored eye shadows work just like purple too.

Tip#3: Got hazel eyes?

The amazing thing about hazel is that the shades of your eyes shifts with the lighting. Hazel eyes have a reflective property and they play with the colors surrounding them, changing themselves with the shades on your lids.  If your brown eyes have more of a yellow tint, then using a gold eye shadow with a bronze or copper hue will bring out the yellow in your eyes. Using a teal green eye shadow will bring out the green tones making them look more vibrant. Other colors that works beautifully with hazel eyes are dark purples, emerald greens and even maroons.

Tip#4:Want to make the brown glisten at night?

With metallic tones , you can make your brown eyes shine when you go out at night. Warm metallic shades with even the lightest gold undertone, will make your brown eyes dazzle. Any shade of silver works as well, be it platinum, gunmetal or metallic silver, the cool silver will provide a contrast against your warm brown eyes, making it sparkle. A bronze shade with a red or orange undertone will look absolutely stunning for a nighttime brown eye look as well.

Tip#5: What about mascara?

If you want to make your brown iris pop and the white of your eyes look vibrant and bright, then use an eggplant mascara. Also, line your water line with a white eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger, and then underline that with a metallic shade. For a day time office look, you can do this with a deep blue eyeliner. The contrast of the blue in your lower lash line with the white on your water line will make you look awake, fresh and striking.

If you have brown eyes, you are very lucky. Free your artist within you and paint the canvas of your eyes with beautiful colors, because your brown iris will bring all the colors together in harmony, while still standing out.