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Beauty Advice for Teenagers

The quest for looking healthy and beautiful can seem challenging, especially when you are a teenager. Your body is going through so many changes, it can create issues that seem devastating. Coping with issues like acne, body changes, and new developments, can be hard enough. But you add in the pressure from your friends, magazines, television, and movies saying that you have to look a specific way to be beautiful can leave many teens feeling lost and confused. But, looking in the mirror should be something you enjoy – not stress and agony over your appearance.

beauty advice for teenagers

There are many things you can do to help you look and feel your best each day. With some simple daily tasks you can step out the door with confidence knowing you are looking good. The first step to beauty is a healthy diet. Eating well balanced meals, including drinking plenty of water will help maintain a healthy weight, keep your skin clean and clear, as well as feeling good. Diet can affect every aspect of your body, including hair, nails, and skin. While eating an unhealthy diet can also show, with an unhealthy body weight, lifeless hair, brittle and broken nails, and skin problems.

Speaking of skin problems, our next step is directed at a common teen problem – acne. It is not unusual for teenagers to see breakouts of acne. Some severe enough to require a doctor. However, the normal outbreak of acne can be controlled at home. To start with, on top of a healthy diet, consuming enough water can help keep your skin clean and clear. Washing daily with a soap designed for facial cleaning can help keep your skin from breaking out. When a breakout does occur, an over the counter medication should control it. Keep in mind that covering outbreaks in heavy make up not only can prolong the problem, but also make it worse.

Make-up is often a new experience for teens and they apply it in a way that expresses their personality and feel more grown up. Many feel that applying heavy make-up is attractive and makes them feel more beautiful. But many professional make-up artists will tell you, the true secret to make-up is to apply it to enhance your natural beauty and you should look like you aren’t wearing any at all. For those who struggle with knowing how to apply make-up correctly, many department stores or cosmetic shops have professionals who can help you figure out the right look for you.

Often we are our own harshest critics. Being unhappy with your body, your face, your hair, or any other part of yourself is completely normal. Realize that everyone has their own beauty. Finding your own style and beauty may take some time, but maintaining a healthy diet, caring for your body, face, and skin are a great place to start.