Are Cosmetic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons the Same Thing?

The terms plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are often used interchangeably during conversation as if these therapies are the same. This isn’t quite the case. Plastic surgery may include cosmetic benefits, but beauty and appearance are not the main focus, as is the case with cosmetic surgery. Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery is an actual surgical […]

Breaking Down the Essentials of a Swift Plastic Surgery Recovery Process

Many people are misguided in thinking that plastic surgery is all cosmetics and without a medical side to it. Plastic surgery encompasses both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. The reconstructive category is performed for medical reasons while cosmetic surgery is done for the refinement of bodily structures. Cosmetic surgery, generalized by many as plastic surgery […]

Enhance Your Look Without Implants: Getting a Breast Lift

Breasts begin to sag and droop due to a number of reasons like pregnancy, weight loss, genetics, and through the process of natural aging. A breast lift can restore a woman’s breast to their original firm and perky position. Drooping breasts can be adjusted to a more youthful look by eradicating soft tissue and superfluous […]

Why Do Breast Lifts Leave Scars?

Cosmetic surgery can be a great way for someone to feel better about themselves and to be more successful. However, like with all surgeries, there are risks of complication and scarring. A lot of people might be put off by the idea that their cosmetic surgery may cause scarring, considering the point is that it’s […]

Surgical Vs. Non Surgical Versions of a Nose Job Procedure

If you’ve been considering having a nose job procedure, but have been weighing the risks and downtime involved and aren’t quite sure where to begin, then it’s time to begin doing your research. Did you know that there are now non-evasive versions of the procedure available that require no cutting and very little down time? […]