The Truth Behind High SPF Sunscreens: Is More SPF Better?

Both Coppertone and Neutrogena have recently unveiled sunscreens with sun protection factors (SPF) of 70 and 85, respectively. In a spree of one-upsmanship, Banana Boat countered with its most potent SPF yet. Today, Neutrogena even offers sunscreens with sun protection factors in triple digits; these bigger-is-better strategies have left dermatologists scratching their heads. The Science […]

Food for Your Skin: The Power of Fruits N’ Veggies

By Sopie Kouame As a busy mother of two young boys and an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to find time to do anything, let alone maintaining a skin regiment. Luckily, maintaining healthier, younger looking skin does not require a lot of time or cost. All it takes is developing and keeping healthy habits. If you eat […]