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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

We are becoming more aware of and concerned about our impact on the environment and this translates into more frequent use of products and consumables that are biodegradable, made from recycled materials, or are non-toxic or eco-friendly.  This concern is not limited to the type of foods we eat, toilet paper we use, or energy-efficient appliances we put in our homes, and it can cover a range of items from pet foods to beauty products.

eco friendly beauty products
There are many eco-friendly beauty products available today and the cosmetics and personal hygiene industry is developing more items than ever before than have a minimal impact on the planet.  Here are several beauty products that promote greener living through ecologically safe or less harmful means of manufacture or through the composition of the finished product itself:

  • Make-up applicators and brushes made from recycled materials
  • Natural or organic moisturizers
  • Sunscreen products made from cruelty-free ingredients
  • All-natural exfoliants and facial scrubs
  • Shampoos and conditioners containing organic ingredients
  • Oil-free and chemical-free foundation and base make-up
  • Vegan-based skin treatments for blemishes and acne

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for eco-friendly beauty products is that there is a big difference between the words “natural” and “organic.”  Products that are certified as organic must meet processing requirements to guarantee that the ingredients, manufacturing process, and packaging all conform to standards that assure consumers of an organic product.  As for “natural” products, there is no certification or set of standards to be met prior to labeling an item as natural.

Another aspect of beauty products and personal hygiene items to be considered is the ingredients.  When shopping for items that are environmentally friendly make sure you look for synthetic ingredients or chemical additives that are potentially harmful to you or your environment.  The packaging is also important in eco-friendly initiatives, as it should be made from recycled materials.  Recycling helps minimize our use of natural raw materials and allows those raw ingredients to naturally replenish themselves rather than being harvested into extinction.

There are quite a few beauty product brands that offer organically certified items or products that contain natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.  More product lines that promote green living and healthy lifestyles are being developed every day, and companies are now taking more strides toward developing sustainable and environmentally safe manufacturing and packaging methods.

Keeping ourselves healthy is one thing, but keeping our planet healthy is another matter entirely.  It requires the efforts of everyone from manufacturing facilities all the way to the consumer who purchases and uses the items.  Taking small steps toward a green future does make a difference and it’s something we can all do.