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Enhance Your Look Without Implants: Getting a Breast Lift

Breasts begin to sag and droop due to a number of reasons like pregnancy, weight loss, genetics, and through the process of natural aging. A breast lift can restore a woman’s breast to their original firm and perky position. Drooping breasts can be adjusted to a more youthful look by eradicating soft tissue and superfluous skin. Presently, more up-to-date techniques result in decreased scars, better-shaped breasts, and more patient fulfillment.

Ideal Breast Lift Candidates

Breast lift procedures can be carried out at any age; however, it is suggested to wait until breast development has ended. Pregnancy and breast-feeding may well influence the size and shape of a woman’s breasts; therefore, postponing surgery until after having children is advised.

The best breast lift candidates have the following conditions:

  •  Breasts are hanging loosely, with ample breast tissue
  •  Nipples and the dark area surrounding the nipple, the areola, point downward, particularly if they are situated under the breast crease

Personal Breast Lift Consultation

A private consultation is the initial step towards receiving a breast lift. A doctor will evaluate the potential patient’s physical and emotional health and converse about the individual’s precise cosmetic objectives for surgery.

Consultations are important and the individual should come prepared with the following information: 

  • Prior surgeries
  • Former and current medical conditions
  • Any treatments received
  • Medications being taken, including herbal remedies and nutritional supplements
  • Previous experience with losing weight and pregnancies and the outcome they had on the person’s breast size
  • Mammogram results
  • Whether there is a history of breast cancer in the individual’s family

breast lift

Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift procedures are performed in a hospital environment, an outpatient surgery center, or a doctor’s private operating room. Patients meet with the surgeon, nursing staff, and anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

The most common type of breast lift surgery performed is the “vertical technique.” This technique has been taken from the French and Belgian technique of doctors Lassus and LeJour. It is considered the best lift for natural breast tissue.

After the excess breast skin has been removed and the remaining breast tissue has been shaped, the nipple and areola are moved to a higher position. The areola, which is normally stretched out in drooping breasts, can be reduced in size as well. Skin that was previously positioned over the areola is moved down and joined to remake the breasts.

The ensuing mark will have the silhouette of a lollipop and at first; the breasts will appear too high with creasing in the lower part of the incisions. For two to six weeks, considerable improvement will become obvious. It is crucial that a supportive bra is worn during this time as well. However, the final results will not be apparent for half a year or more following surgery.

Breast Lift Recovery

During the first week, pain medication may be needed. After two to three weeks, stitches will be removed and the size and shape of the breast will improve. Differences in symmetry and other minor adjustments can be performed later on. It is also suggested that activity is limited and any side effects, such as loss of feeling in the nipples or breast skin, which is rare, should be report immediately to the surgeon.

Are Follow-up Breast Lifts Ever Necessary?

It is a probability. Eventually, some women decide to get another breast lift as a “freshen-up” procedure to enhance the general appearance of their breasts; however, a complete procedure is normally not required. Satisfaction with a breast lift are better if the person understands the procedure thoroughly and if their outlook is sensible.