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Meditation for Beginners

With the onset of technology and the aging of our lives, we live in a time  where we are incredibly stressed out and anxious. It is easy for some to just take a couple of pills and make it all go away until the next day. A lot of us, however, are now seeking alternative, healthier means of relaxation. Meditation has become one of the fastest and easiest ways for us to seek this relaxation.

It is a very old practice which dates back to Tantric tribes and Buddhist monks. Meditation is one of the easiest and proven ways to alleviate your anxiety. It is a mental practices in which a person trains their mind to go into a relaxing state of consciousness. The idea is to focus all of your energy and attentions on one area, your mental well being. The benefits are fantastic and you will gain a general feeling of pure happiness.

Meditation for Beginners

Many people have tried meditation and just cannot stick with it. There are a few ways that you can be successful. If you begin with just about three to five minutes a day, this will help you to get a feel for what meditation should feel like.If you feel as if meditation is something that you need to incorporate into your life, start by reading some books on meditation. There are quite a few to choose from now and will help you better understand it. A few that we suggest are “Meditation for Beginners“, by Jack Kornfield, “8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life” by Victor N. Davich, and “Stages of Meditation” by Dalai Lama.

Once you have made the decision to stick with meditation, you just need to remember a few important things.

  • Set aside time each day to meditate.You can meditate as long as you want, but start with a dedicated time of about 3 to 5 minutes a day.
  • Find a place in your home or outside where you can be alone and take the time to meditate.
  • Put some items around you that can help you concentrate, perhaps incense or candles to set you at ease.
  • Make sure that you do not stress during your meditation time. If you cannot clear your mind and meditate the first few times, try it again in a new place and during a different time. Meditating is something you must commit to in order for it to work properly.
  • During the busy parts of your day, generate moments of awareness that you can then meditate on later in the evening or the next day. These moments will help build your relaxation and happiness.
  • Try walking meditation. During about a 10 to 20 minute walk, pay special attention to the way your body feels. Think closely on the way your legs feel,thighs and calves feel, and then your feet. Pay attention to the variation of your breathing. Note how the wind and sun feel on you as well. Make sure you’re walking with a relaxed pace and notice how quickly the negatives of your mind just bounce away.

Meditation heals us, that are  no questions about that whatsoever. The benefits are great and include:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Lowered Stress Levels
  • Feelings of Well-Being and Happiness
  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Perspiration
  • Improvement in Blood Circulation
  • Lowered Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Once you have made the decision to change your life and practice meditation, you will see instant results. You will feel better, smile more, and carry less stress on your shoulders. It is a very positive life-style change and you will enjoy every minute of it!