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Posture Correction Tips for Women

Were you ever told to stand up “straighter” as a child?  It turns out your parents and teachers might not just be trying to annoy you, there is actually a good medical reason for that!

Posture can actually affect womens‘ overall body health, and while bad posture can create more aches and pains, good posture can help you relieve soreness, aching, and even help keep you in better physical shape.  Good posture can help keep your muscles, bones, and spine in good condition.

The way you sit and stand is important for keeping your body in its peak condition, and in a world of electronic devices, it’s often easier (so you think) to hunch over that keyboard.  So how do you improve?

Here are a few simple ways to achieve posture correction for women and start on the road to feeling better.

posture correction tips for women


The best posture corrector for women is not an easy do-it-once routine.  Think about it this way: You slouch and curve your shoulders every day when you sit at the computer, watch TV, or hunch over to read your cell phone in a sunny spot.  You aren’t going to be able to fix your posture in one day, either.

Stretching is the best way to take those muscles, bones, and spinal vertebrae that take the brunt of it when your posture is not at its best, and give them a little break so they can return to “normal”.  The more regularly you stretch, the easier it will be for you to correct your posture more permanently.

Never stretch yourself too far or for too long: stretching too strenuously will actually have the opposite effect, fatiguing you, causing more aches than you had before, and hurting your posture even more.

Here are some basic stretches to help you start on your way to better posture:

Shoulder Roll

Stand up straight, simply roll your shoulders forward, up, then back.  This relaxes muscles in your back and gives them a break from trying to hold you forward, which they’re not meant to do.  Repeat a few times every couple of hours.

Chest Stretch

A lot of bad posture can come from tight chest muscles.  Bring your arms up at a 90-degree angle.  Gently rotate your hands so your palms are forward and flex your hands.  Push your arms back gently, keeping the angle.  You should feel this in your chest and shoulders.

This can also be done by laying on your bed right at the edge on one side, stretching your arm out at a 90-degree angle, and letting gravity pull it down towards the floor.

Neck Tilt

The neck is the single-most cause of headaches and pains in most people.  A simple tilt forward and back can do wonders.  Be gentle tilting, don’t strain yourself.

Yoga and Pilates

They’re not just for hippies and yuppies.  Yoga and Pilates are posture-specific and focus on your core muscles, which help posture more than people think.  Taking up a light yoga practice, even fifteen minutes a day, can effectively improve posture.

Braces and Other Devices

There are many commercial braces and stretching devices on the market that can be a decent posture corrector for women.  Be sure to check with your medical professional before using them, because if it’s not necessary or used incorrectly, it may end up hurting you in the long-run.  Consult a medical professional if you experience any aches and pains from using a device.