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Why Do Breast Lifts Leave Scars?

Doctor preparing for breast enhancement surgeryCosmetic surgery can be a great way for someone to feel better about themselves and to be more successful. However, like with all surgeries, there are risks of complication and scarring. A lot of people might be put off by the idea that their cosmetic surgery may cause scarring, considering the point is that it’s supposed to make someone beautiful! But a skilled cosmetic surgeon can make sure that scars are not only minimal, but discreet.

Breast lifts are a great example of a cosmetic surgery that causes scarring. When actually looking at the surgical procedures in a breast lift, it’s clear why the scarring takes place: an incision in used in order to lift and mold the parenchyma and tighten the skin envelope. It’s not just difficult to get good results without scarring, it’s simply impossible, as cosmetic surgery is surgery, and surgery leaves scars.

Still, with a good cosmetic surgeon, the incisions will heal well without leaving the “suture marks” that so many women worry about with regards to a breast lift. All a surgeon has to do in order to keep from leaving suture marks is to use a subcuticular closure, which is incredibly common. The scarring is likely to be minimal and in a place that isn’t obvious, considering the point of cosmetic surgery is to improve appearance, not detract from it. Usually, the improvement in the size, symmetry, and contour of the breast more than outweighs the fact that scarring occurs.

The amount of scarring depends on how much lift is required. Breast augmentations actually cause more scarring than a breast lift, and many women are more than happy with their augmentations. In extreme cases, an inverted T scar might be required, but remember that no cosmetic surgeon looks forward to leaving scarring on their patient. That’s simply not their job. Still, some scarring is necessary in order to achieve the final result that the patient wants.

Another reason that breast lifts can cause scarring is because they usually involve moving the areola and nipple higher on the breast. The scar around the areola is usually well hidden by the color difference between the areola and the breast, so this isn’t a scar most women worry about. Again, though, depending on the amount of lift required, more skin may have to be removed and the scar could extend down from the areola all the way to the crease under the breast.

If a patient is worried about the scarring associated with a breast lift, they should consult with their cosmetic surgeon before scheduling the procedure. Many cosmetic surgeons specialize in doing breast lifts with minimal scarring, but no surgeon can promise a scar-free surgery.